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Below are just a handful of the testimonials that we have received over the years. Over 600,000 Bodylastics users can't be wrong!


I ordered your Maximum Tension system a little over a month ago and eagerly anticipated its arrival in time for me to take on a 10 day trip to Mexico.  I was not disappointed.  I have been working out 6 to 7 days a week since I turned 50 in January, 2005 with the Power Block free weight system and a Precor elliptical trainer, so am used to working out.  I was not sure what the facility in Mexico would have for keeping up with my daily workout regimen and so wanted to stay in at least basic shape with elastic tubing.  Boy was I surprised and pleased.  The facility I stayed at actually had a fully fitted out workout room, but I used the Bodylastic system anyway to give it a fair try AND I LOVED IT!  I am totally impressed with the quality of workout I can get with the Bodylastic system and have now incorporated it into my daily workout routine at home.  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.  The flexibility of your system makes it a true winner and pleasure to work out with allowing for every intensity level.  I intend to keep it as a party of my workout routine for many years to come. 
Thank you!
William Persky

Hi Blake,

I promised to let you know how things are going a couple of weeks later from when we talked.
I have actually lost 4 pounds now which is encouraging! I went on vacation with my husband and was very proud of myself because I brought the kit with me and was able to work out almost every day. I have advanced to the blue elastic which really gives me a good workout and I only use the green for shoulders and triceps now. I have worked up to doing all three circuits with the blue - it's hard! As I mentioned before, the most improvement has been in the way my clothes fit and that continues to get better. Thanks for your encouragement and support. I really appreciate it!
Best regards,
Linda Buchner

I just returned home from a fishing vacation with my son Mike (www.executivefitnessfl.com) and and others, and I was happy to see that my "Body Lastic" set was here. I just finished my first work out with it, following the booklet, and I couldn't be happier. I have a basement full of free weights, benches, various bare straps etc, and nothing I've ever used has given me a better full body work out. I have a badly damaged rotator cuff from going over the bars a few times motorcycle drag racing, and I really believe that this will help re-abilitate the shoulder. I'll stay in touch. I should send pics, as I'm 70 years old and I think I look about 35 or 40. My sonhas had me working out for the last 30 years, (Thank God) He even took his "Bodylastics" to Canada with us, and worked out daily-I was more focused on large fish at that time than large muscles.
MIckey Cook

I was actively involved in power lifting and bodybuilding for many years before my divorce in 2001 and the death of my Father shortly afterwards. I was always complemented on my physique and felt very fit before these trying times. Succumbing to stress and depression, I ceased working out altogether. I have remarried since then and I am now raising three children. I found that going to the gym was impossible so I purchased a $1700 Bowflex in hopes of regaining my fitness ( and former waistline). My Wife absolutely hated the damned thing! It took up too much space. I really did not want to give the machine up because it really worked! However, in keeping the peace I got rid of it. I continued to lose the physique I was so proud of.
I came across your website one day while searching for a home exercise machine that would be smaller but just as effective as the Bowflex. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. The price was so inexpensive, I ordered it.  Needless to say, I'm hooked!!!!!
I have since ordered more bands and cannot get over the convenience of the product!! I'm actually getting a better workout than I did with the Bowflex and the gym. I'm also getting complements from my friends and family.
They all think that I've joined a gym. My Wife can't keep her hands off me. My two older children brag about "Daddy's muscles" to their friends. 
Thank You and Much Praise.
Andrew Little.   

Your product is the BEST. That speaks for itself. I hope you are being successful at this and good stuff is happening for you. IT's a great product and deserves it's place in the market. I have never found the bands "limiting" in any way. There is more you can with the bands than a $100,000 HAMMER machine. A week before I bought the bands I had literally cleared out space in my gym, for my new $2000 back machine. I purchased the Bodylastics bands and changed my mind about the back machine. I did not NEED the new back machine! nor the curl machine I was looking at as well! Saved me $$$$.
I have certain athletes around me that seem to resist band training so I let them (not use bands). The rest have welcomed the new equipment and really embraced it, as I have. The bottom line is they work in a way...weights and machines can't!
It seems the old school guys like me, are the hardest to convince. But I am breaking them down. All they have to do is give it an honest effort (one workout) and the proof of the value of band training is evident.
Have a great day.
Dan Burke

I finally received your product today. It took a while since I am stationed overseas in the Army. This product is great. I was so close to buying a bowflex when I saw your website. I thought it was worth a try for $50.00 especially since it's guaranteed. These bands are no joke. The pump I got was like the first time I ever worked out. The full range of motion is great and the exercises are so smooth. Not to mention the quickness in changing resistence and exercises. Thanks for developing such an amazing product. I will be using this for years.
Doug A. Lee

I am writing to thank you for selling such a fantastic product. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 months of working out with the Bodylastics system and have recommended it to all my friends. I am a former personal trainer and now a Registered Nurse, who has been lifting weights for more than 20 years. I have had as much as a 320 lb max in the bench press and compare the Bodylastics favorably, to the feel and strength, necessary to develop stabilizer muscles for even stronger workouts in the future. I take my Bodylastics every time I go out of town for maintaining continuous workouts year around. It is so versatile you literally can do unlimited exercise routines.
Sincerely yours,
John Pozega

Thanks, Blake.  The product quality looks and feels top notch.  I know this will help me stay in excellent shape (and even improve) while allowing me to spend more time at home vs the gym.  I'm a previous Bowflex owner, but couldn't bring it with me to Korea.  That's a good machine and very effective, but I don't see how the Bodylastics is any less effective for my workout program.  
Thanks again,

Dear BL
 I've used weights for several years and bowflex for several more.  I've used your product with a fraction of the price of these other fitness products and its amazing how it works just as well or better in my case.  I find I get better results by doing up to 5 sets at 15 reps, instead of the tradional 3 set, 10 rep for shaping muscles. Working out everday, alternating between 2 different routines is also my answer.  I just target one exercise for each muscle group.  Your product seems to give more development and more defined development. Of course the ease of set up and travel companion is a big plus too! Thanks 

I'm a 68 year old ex athlete who's stayed in shape all my life. I used to use free weights and then a few years ago was told by a doctor to use something else. I've been using the Total Gym for a couple years and have gotten an excellent workout. I was attracted to your product because I travel and you sure can't take the Total Gym along. I spoke with you on the phone initially and you said that I would be giving up Total Gym once working with Bodylastics. Boy were you right. I love the workout and the portability of the system. I've been using it daily now for about three weeks and have already just about given up my Total Gym workouts, even when not on the road. You've provided me with a great workout and one that goes with me wherever I go. The product is very well made and I'm sure will last a long time. The cost is so much less than what I spent on Total Gym and yet I get as good if not a better overall workout. Sorry for being long winded, but there's so much good to say I wanted you
to hear it all.
Thanks Blake
Mike Dolgin

Hey Blake,

So far, I am liking the product very much.  I tried some exercises and I really felt the burn (I thought I could use all 5 bands with the biceps curl and boy was I wrong?!!)    I am a physical therapist and this is really a very effective and inexpensive product.  I
would definitely recommend it to my friends and patients.
Satisfied customer,

hello blake....I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it...no bull its awesome...I get the best pump...I love train with them I am very inventive too.. I will pass it on to you at a later date...I gave the other set i purchased to a bodybuilder buddy of mine from nyc...he raves about it...beieve me if he likes it cause he is a fanatic about his body..5'8 200 .......thanks blake..Be so proud of your product...I hope you sell a million of them..

Ever since receiving my Bodylastics bands from my husband as a gift, I cannot train, literally, without them! I am a certified personal trainer and ALL of my clients LOVE them. It has been my ultimate indoor/outdoor gym training tool. Every time I use it, I always have someone interested in purchasing them because they really work! Thank you for having an extremely reliable training product!!!


Received your product yesterday. I did a little chest & tri workout this am. AWESOME!!! The push up is like a close grip bench. I'm a little more used to a wider grip but the chest flies work well for the outer pecs. I did the tricep exercise and let me tell you..I did push-downs. Normally you do these on a machine and the extension stops at your waist when the bar hits you...when I extended just the few inches past my waiste my triceps screeeeaaamedd !!! It was great..I'm gonna hit all the body parts with a split routine and then when I get over my soreness I will try some of the pre exhaust techniques that can be easily done.....great product.. I have found nothing wrong so far.
I think anyone who can really focus on feeling the muscle work(this took me a long time when I first used to just push/pull weight around)will get great results. I especially like the freedom, range of motion and the ability to really blow up the muscle group by focusing reps....talk to ya later..happy customer here!!

Thanks for your fast response and your excellent customer support. I am telling everybody about the Bodylastics system. It works because it is something that I am actually DOING. I think I am going to dismantle my huge Weider 4 station weight machine. I am getting a great total body workout with your product and can carry it around in my briefcase.
Thanks Again,
Jeff Krentz

Dear Bodylastics,
I recently attended the Arnold Fitness Classic in Columbus Ohio. I walked by a booth for Bodylastics. I was wondering what it was so I took their challenge of trying to curl all four bands 40 times and not knowing how much weight it was. I got to ten reps and that was it. Icouldn't do any more. After a few min. of talking to the representative I felt "the burn" in my arms from doing the curls. I was surprised, even when going to the gym and doing 10 reps I never felt that " burn" in my arms. so I had to get it. And to this day my wife and I both use the Bodylastics System everyday.
Columbus, Ohio

I will say that it's the best burn I've had with a home workout product. I would definitely recommend it to people who workout at home in addition to other fighters. It's the best value for the money. Bodylastics is compact, convenient and it works!"
Maurepaz Auguste - champion kickboxer

Dear Bodylastics,
I'm not one to talk on the testimonial line at QVC, but while I have your undivided attention, I'd like to tell you how much I enjoy the system and the workout. Exercise and I had been "on hiatus" for quite a while, and when I saw you and the system on QVC, it really piqued my interest. What I liked best was the convenience of being able to do the workout at home, whenever I want, the benefits of cardio and resistance training, and of course, the price! I had started to recondition myself aerobically by power walking. By the time my system arrived, I had several miles under my belt. I think that enabled me to complete three full circuits my very first time. I've been doing it 3x per week so far, and hope to continue that trend. So that's my story.

Mr. Kassel.
Thank you for your prompt service. 
I extremely happy with my bodylastics home gym. For the first time I enjoy working out. I by no means have ever been consistent in exercising let alone bodybuilding. In all of my previous efforts, success was hard to measure and the focus seemed to be on work rather than results. Your system has changed that for me. 
Thanks again.


Thank you for a great product.....I recently ordered two home gyms from you and all I can say is wow!!!!!! My girlfriend is going to love it as well. I have worked out with your circuit video twice and I am already seeing a great pump and and alot of extra blood flow to the muscle tissue.....My veins are showing better and I have harder muscles throughout the day. I believe the consistent tension on the muscle from the bands makes a world of difference....... Keep up the good work......P.S. Will you have other videos in the future to workout along to......A happy customer.....
Alan Tarbell---Andersonville,TN........

I'm 47 and have been working out for about 10 years. I was burned out on the machines and wanted something portable that I could do on my own schedule. I was surfing the web for excercise alternatives and found yours!!! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your product!!! I had some troubles with my back in the past but have found that using elastics has eased that problem. In fact my back Dr. advised (he also works out) that Iswitch to elastics. That was two years ago and I have gotten better results from the elastics then I ever did from weights.
Vicia Collins

I did my shoulders and tris tonight. I sat down on the edge of a bed with the bands underneath me to do military press. Man they worked great. Then I did triceps extensions like you show in the manual. Once again, I was very impressed. So, now that I am 2 workouts in, I can very happily say that I love these things. They are easy to use and eliminate all of my excuses. So I am well on my way to getting back into the shape I used to be in. Thanks a lot man.

I had a very stressful year at work last year. As a result, I wasn't getting any exercise, my weight bloate from 126 to 152 (I'm 5'6") and my blood pressure got as high as 160 over 102. My doctor was insisting I go on bp meds, but I was reluctant, as I knew it was all stress-related and was convinced that if I could just find something to fit into my gruelling schedule, I could get back to where I was a year earlier, in terms of my health and fitness level.
My next door neighbor was going through physical tx after knee surgery and she recommended I buy myself some bands. So, I went on line, found your website from a google search for therapy bands, and bought a set.
Well, here I am, 4 months later: I've left that g-d-awful stressful job, returned to eating like a normal person and have a regular rotating routine of using the bodylastics, combined with running and yoga. I'm down to 128 lbs adn my bp is down to 130 over 84. Not bad!
I love the circuit video and I find the bands really easy on the joints and they allow me to very specifically isolate particulr muscles.
I'm thrilled that I bought them and thrilled with their ease of use and their results.
Thanks so much,
Lynda Burstein

Dear Bodylastics,
Just wanted to write to say how satisfied I am with the Bodylastics set I purchased. The basic tension set really does include everything you need to get started and is holding up well against wear and tear. I love the fact that you can increase resistance by adding more than one band to the anchors: that's flexibility. It truly is a set that will grow with me! I'm also finding it's a perfect complement to the Body For Life program, which incorporates intense upper- and lower-body weight training with increasing resistance in their regimen. Thanks so much for a great product!
Amy Gavin

I am 61 and was in good aerobic condition from jogging every week, but not muscular condition before ordering and using your product.  Six weeks later the muscles I remember I had in my twenties and thirties have reemerged!  I am a weekend golfer and my drives are now 20 yards longer than they were before I started Bodylastics!  Your product is wonderful:  easy to use at home, easy to pack in a suitcase and use on the road, and easy to sell to other friends and associates.  Thanks for returning this pretty good body to a really good body in just 6 weeks!
Dave Seares

I don't even remember how I first discovered your website, but I am glad I did! I just completed my workout and am amazed that I get the same burn with Bodylastics as I do with my numerous and bulky dumbbells. The change over in resistance is easy and quick and the handles are very comfortable. I bought the set initially in order to keep up with my workouts on my month-long vacation, but I think I just found the perfect replacement to my space-consuming weight set! Thanks again, and good luck with business... I am sure you'll go far with this!
Heidi Fencsak

Blake your bands are awesome.....I have been using my set about 2 months now and its awesome!!!!!!!....After buying all those sets I finally kept this one instead of being talked into giving it up to a friend or family member...Everyone I show it to loves it....I had the worst luck trying to get into the gym after work...This is better any day of the week....I can do it in the privacy of my own home and usually my workouts are only about 15 to 20 minutes long and I get a much better pump than in a gym working out for an hour or more....Plus you don't get the attitudes at home like in the gym....which allows me to concentrate soooo much better on my workout.....I hope you stay around for manymany years...dont know what I'd do with out them.....
Neal Griffin


I received the bodylastics and DVD. My wife immediately took it over. She goes to curves regularly with her friends, but there are times she does not go and wishes she could work out at home. She does not like my Soloflex. She gave your DVD circuit training a try and called me from work today expressing how sore her muscles were. Now this is a woman in great shape. Obviously it hit her muscles differently and she liked it. She said she will use it when I am home. When she was done, I got to spend some time with it today and researched many additional exercises that it does very well.
I concentrated on my legs tonight and felt it. The bands are very smooth. It takes some time to get used to setting up the bands properly, but I believe your product competes with the bow flex very well. It takes some time to set up the bow flex and soloflex as well. True for most equipment. I believe some exercises are done better with bands than machines or even free weights. I have used a Soloflex at home since 1991 and I really like it's flexibility. I complement it with dumb bell exercises, ab machine and an orbital trainer. I also have 20 years in the martial arts. They have helped to keep me in shape and for a 50 year old guy, due to regular training I can keep up with the 20 yr old guys. Your product will add to my exercise flexibility and be a life saver when I am away in the hotel. Hotel exercise equipment is limited and I can maintain a routine with your equipment even when I'm away. Your product will go with me on my travels. It's only day one, but so far, I'm impressed. I am more convinced that you could market more exercises, but that's obviously your call. I'll see how it holds up to use and time. Thanks.
Gary Brodbeck

Dear Bodylastics,
I first came across resistance tubing about 6 years ago when I was being treated for a condition known as shoulder impingement syndrome. I was physically active and apparently the range of motion of my activities was developing certain shoulder muscles without the opposing muscles also developing--causing a muscle imbalance--resulting in a lot of pain in both shoulders. The Doctor did certain tests and referred me to a physical therapist.  Prescribed exercises used resistance tubing and light dumbbells. At the end of treatment I prevailed upon the therapist to give me a couple pieces of tubing-- I wanted to continue the exercises ,which I continued to do, and "knock on wood"-- successfully-- in that the condition has not returned.
It occurred to me later on that in the absense of the dumbbells that I could use the tubing to also do the "dumbbell exercises". Only recently did it come to mind that with the right tubing I could do , in the absense of a lot of equipment, some very effective real strength training.  But I had no handles on the tubing nor a good way to vary the resistance. UNTIL NOW. I did some research and web-searching and figuratively stumbled across your product. I must say your clip system is simple, yet ingenious. It's like the idea of putting an eraser on a pencil. It is an understatement to say I am pleased by your tubing setup!! I am also pleased by its quality,by your website,your instruction manual and your video. I wish you much success.
Matt P.

I gave your bodylastics a try when I had to travel to Indonesia and couldn't take my Bowflex along. I was amazed at how much harder (sore muscles to prove it) I worked with them than with the Bowflex. I love them and haven't used my Bowflex since I returned, but have continued to use the Bodylastics!
Diane Boman

Blake, you are right. I love  the  product. Right now I can do a complete upper body workout, chest, shoulders, arms and back using only the blue band, a little trial and error and experimentation on my own in less than 10 minutes! I particularly like that the resistance is smooth and you get good resistance coming up and going down in a movement. I think it would be almost impossible for somebody to injure themselves with this equipment
Thanks again -- I was really looking forward to the equipment and it did not disappoint.
Mike Mahlman

Hi Blake,

Just wanted you to know what I thought about the Bodylastics after just one month of use... FANTASTIC!! They are so versatile..Example, I use the cords attached to my belt and hook them under the Dip station and not only for dips, but pullups and chins also...sure works better than using the free weights strapped to the belt and is much safer...
Thanks again
Kevin Ahles

Hi Blake,

I love my Bodylastics. I was concerned lately that I have been missing a few workouts - I never miss a day. I decided to take one of my bodylastics, the green one,to work with me. I sit in a cubicle and do 8 hours of data entry. Now I can take a break from my work. I'll do a set or two of an exercise and return to my work refreshed. I have invented some new exercises that I can do in my chair. I also have some that I do while standing. Bodylastics is a great system. The office manager here was impressed with my upper body strength when she how effortless it was for me to pick up a five gallon container of water an place it on our water dispenser.
Thanks again,
Wayne Andrus

Dear Blake,

I have been a devoted Bowflex user for two years and recently looked into purchasing a Lat attachment and stronger rods (I'm 115 lbs and have maxed out the weight for leg exercises). Pricey! I received your bands as suggested by Don Lemmon. I wish I had known about these long before I bought my Bowflex. I love the range of motion and can use them while traveling. What a fabulous workout - these are top QUALITY bands! 
Many thanks,
Kathleen Harrison

Dear Blake,

I've been waiting 30 years for this product! I can work out at home in front of the tube. It is quiet, easily adjustable, and so little money. I've been using mine for 8 months and my wife loves the results. I started off doing the resistance exercises with only the red tube and have worked up to blue, red, and yellow, or 2 steps away from all 4 bands. Thanks for a great product.
Jim Merrimack, NH

After looking at some less expensive but shoddy discount store elastic exercisers, I bought a unit from you. Delivery was prompt, and the quality of the product was excellent. This thing is built to last. Further and there is plenty of adjustable tension for a 6 foot 180 pound man, a carry bag and a good instruction book. I intend to use it a lot at home and especially when I travel.
Thanks and good health,
Ray Short
Houston, Texas

Dear people, I must first tell you that my wife and I own 3 bags of bodylastics. Needless to say we love your product. I am well and feel fit because of your wonderful product.
Best regards,


I recently purchased bodylastics through QVC (qvc.com) and it was delivered on February 4, 2002. I immediately started to follow the circuit training video and actually like to do the workout. I am not one that enjoys to exercise, but I have spent hundreds of dollars on other products that didn't work. This is actually fun, and I have started to see some results.

Dear Bodylastics,
I am Director of the Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM and have found your product to be nothing short of a miracle for my clients who cannot either get to a gym or purchase a home gym."
Abigail Brown Collins, director of the Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic

To whom it may concern, 
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with your product. At one time I was a powerlifter,but after several injuries to my shoulders,I thought my resistance training days were over. 
One day I came across your website,and after reading about the Bodylastics equiptment,I thought "hey here's a way could start training again".Now I have to admit I was a little skeptical about using elastic bands for strength training,after all the years of powerlifting I didnt think oversized rubber bands would offer the resistance I needed to get a good workout.Man was I surprised. 
After using your equiptment in a traditional strength training routine,I have already added 1/4 inch around my arms,and 1" around my chest.Thank you for an outstanding product that has brought this broken down powerlifter back into training.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Betsy and I am an Exercise Physiologist with the WISH Center, a surgical obesity clinic in Illinois. I am writing in regards to your Bodylastics home/travel gym super system. I have researched a lot of home exercise equipment that would be appropriate for our special population and I have found your complete package to be the very best at home option to recommend. I love it because it is simple, quick, and comes with lots of instructional methods, which are very important for a population that has little experience with exercise. 
I hope we can work together in the future to help others reach their health and fitness goals. 
Thank you in advance,

They're great! I've been doing the video workout only for about a week now, but I swear I think it's making a difference already. So, to say the least, I absolutely love it. The worst thing about some programs is that you do the same exercise or type of exercise for so long that it becomes boring (and that's much worse than it being too difficult physically). This keeps me interested!
I've been telling all my friends about them, too...


I just got the bodylastics system, and am very happy with it! You have a great product, far superior to what else is out there on the market. The ability to add different bands to the handles makes your product especially versatile.
Thanks very much,
Eric Duncan

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