How The Best Exercise Bands Systems work

Our exercise bands systems come with a lot of pieces. This may seem confusing, but it couln't be any easier to use. The concept is simple: you stack (combine) the bands on the handles and ankle straps to increase the levels of resistance - just as if you were using a plate loaded free weight machine or adding plates to a weight bar. Then you stand on the bands to anchor them or you anchor them to the door with our well designed door anchor.



This little component will enable you to anchor your bands to almost any door and create an endless number of muscle building exercises. The same exact exercises that you would find on the large super exepensive machines at the gym

CLICK HERE to see how the door anchor works >>


All of exercise bands come with high quality large clips attached to the end to make clipiing and unclipping fast and easy. By clipping on additional bands (stacking) you increase the amount of tension for your exercise.                                 

CLICK HERE to see how the clip system works >>



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