Exercise Bands Quick Clip System

Back in 1996 exercise bands for exercise were good. We decided to make them GREAT!
By adding a clip system on the ends of our bands, users could stack the bands
together to create different and larger amounts of resistance. Instead of exercise
bands being an aerobics class fitness prop they could now be used to create levels
of resistance to match the heavy weights in the gym.


The bands: Each band is 4 feet long and has a different wall thickness and girth. The greater the wall thickness, the greater the resistance. Our newest bands can create as little as 3 pounds of resistance all the way up to 30 lbs. To insure that our users know the approximate amount of resistance that the are using we actually stamp the weight equivalents rigt on the clips - guess work - Gone!


Each band is 4 feet long



Below shows a great example of how you can
"Stack" the bands to create more resistance



You can clip 1 band:      or multiple bands at the same time:


Check out the video below to the see more details about our clip system:




Our bands are arguably the best exercise bands for exercise because they are stackable, can be used for all
types of fitness programs and are super durable. Get yours today!


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