Exercise Bands Door Anchor attachment by Bodylastics

The exercise bands door anchor/attachment by Bodylastics is a component that will safely and easily let you attach your bands to almost any door. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is! Securely anchoring your bands will anble you to do the best gym exercises and many that could never be recreated in a gym.


The Original multi-point door anchor - When we designed our first exercise bands system in 1996 the only door anchors available were the small anchors that fit on the hinge side of the door. So, we went to the drawing board and created a door anchor that could fit at all points of the door: top, side and bottom.


The exercise bands Door Anchor


Our door anchor is 15 inches long with a soft foam piece on one side and a loop on the other. It is made out of heavy dutry nylon webbing, solid nylon (for the foam core), high density foam and Neoprene. It is designed to be gentle on your door and your bands.


Here is a great video which details how the door anchor works and how it can be used

Side and Top view of the exercise bands door anchor:


Door Anchor Top View



Using the door anchor to secure your exercise bands to the door is easy:


Step 1: Open the door



Step 2: Go behind the door and thread the loop of the anchor
through the opening on the hinge side.



Step 3: Open the loop of the door anchor



Step 4: Thread your elastic(s) through the loop of
the door anchor



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