Exercise Bands Anti-Snap Technology

Okay, here it is - the Bodylastics feature that sets Bodylastics resistance bands apart from everything else on the planet. Since Bodylastics International began selling resistance bands systems in 1998 we have continually improved the product year after year. Specifically, we have improved the design to address our customers #1 concern: snapping. Although the design of our bands had progressed to a point where snaps were very infrequent, we were not satisfied. So in 2008 we began experimenting with different technologies that would make the chance of snapping an elastic almost impossible. After numerous prototypes and testing we found the design that solved the problem.


Bodylastics International Inc. is proud to introduce our Patented D.G.S. Anti-snap Technology:

What is D.G.S. anti-snap technology? Simply stated, it is a ridiculously strong internal "brake" system, which is designed to prevent the # 1 cause of elastic snaps, overstretching.  D.G.S. stands for Distance Governor Safety and its purpose is to stop the band from stretching to a point where it will be come damaged and then eventually break/snap.

How does it work? D.G.S. works by using a super strong "inner cord" that prevents a band from stretching beyond it's capabilities. This is no piece of yarn, the inner cord that lives inside of every Bodylastics band is braided material which has a minimal tensile strength of 150 lbs - that's some serious stopping power! The cord is about four times the length of every band and is securely attached at the ends. When the inner cord is fully elongated it stops like a rope, which then pulls on the bands internal structure stopping it cold.


Will I feel it? If you are using your Bodylastics bands properly, within the "safety zone" you will never know that the D.G.S. is there.  However, if you try to stretch a Bodylastics resistance band beyond its capabilities YOU WILL KNOW IT.  These bands actually give you feedback. It's almost like our bands are telling you "hey back off  a bit! You are about to damage me and I will NOT let you do that".

Will it limit my workout? Absolutely not!  We chose a length for the inner cord that would enable the user to perform the best exercises without limitation.  It was actually a challenge to determine the right length that would take advantage of D.G.S. without sacrifice, but we found it!

Are D.G.S. bands snap proof? No, we cannot make that claim, but they are about as close as you are going to get. The bottom line is that you would have to be REALLY TRYING to break these bands to make that happen. I mean seriously, if you are towing your car with these you may snap them, however, if you are properly using your D.G.S. bands the chances are close to zero. Don't forget, each and every band has stopping power of at least 150 lbs, however, as you combine them the number keeps going up.



Order your D.G.S. Bodylastics system today!

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