Exercise Bands Systems – What’s Included

Exercise Bands - Every exercise bands system that we sell comes with, you guessed it, exercise bands - TOP QUALITY EXERCISE BANDS. Besides using the highest quality materials and production methods, our actually have technology built right in. The techonogy that we use in our bands is an anti-snap technology that helps to insure your safety so that you can workout without worry. We call this technology D.G.S. (Distance Governor Safety) and it is designed to prevent you from uknowingly overstretching and damaging your bands.

D.G.S. utilizes a super strong inner rope which is 4 x the length of the band. When  this inner rope is fully elongated, it acts like any other rope and stops. How strong is it? Each inner rope has stopping power of a whopping 150 lbs of pressure.

This amazing addition makes your bands 99.9% snap resistant. Most snaps occur because the band is overstretched and then develops tiny tears in the latex. Since this system prevents the overstertching - problem solved.





Aluminum Carabiner Clips – All of our exercise bands include high quality and super strong custom carabiner clips. Not only will these clips enable you to "stack" your bands to create more resistance but they include the weighht equivalents stanped right into the clip. The weight equivalents are not exact (since bands increase resistance as you stretch them) but they are a great reference and starting point




Heavy Duty Handles – Since our exercise bands systems create a tremendous amount of resistance, they all get outfitted with heavy duty handles. Both the standard and upgraded heavy duty handles (4 and 5 band sets get the standard) are made with solid nylon plastic cores, super strong nylon webbing, soft neoprene foam and welded heavy gauge O-rings.






Heavy Duty Ankle straps – The ankle straps that are included with our exercise bands systems carry the same Heavy Duty qualities as all the other components. Both the standard (4 and 5 band sets get the standard)



Resitance Bands Door Anchor


Door Anchor – Our exercise bands door anchor attachment is designed to enable you to safely secure your bands to almost any door. It incorporates heavy duty nylon webbing a solid nylon plastic core, dense neoprene foam and a durable neoprene liner. All of the details have been painstakingly refined so that this anchor is easy on your door and your bands.



Bodylastics User Manual




User Book – The PC/Mac PDF user book is 76 pages and includes a ton of information. Not only does it give direction for over 126 exercises but it includes programs for general fitness, bodybuilding, and sports like baseball and tennis.







Storage Bag – Every carry/storage bag that is included with our exercise bands systems (different systems come with different bags) is made to securely store it's precious cargo (Bodylastics Exercise Bands). The bags are designed to make it easy for you to transport your bands system and prevent any components from being lost.



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