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Who's Behind This Exercise Bands System?

The company behind these exercise bands systems is Bodylastics International Inc, a family owned corporation since 1998. It has been our mission since we began to offer the absolute best workout systems on the planet. We have improved our exercise bands systems year after year and will continue without ever being totally satisfied.
Instead of copying the design of others, like our competitors, we pioneered this multi-band design and integrate new features to satisfy our biggest critics: ourselves. You see we don't just sell this product we use it to build and shape our bodies too. Bodylastics international was founded by Blake Kassel and he still leads the company today.
Founder: Blake Kassel
Okay a little about me. My name is Blake Kassel and I have been exercising since I was 13 years old. Why did I start exercising? Well, when I was 11 years old I attended my first bodybuilding show, The Night Of Champions in New York City. I thought it was amazing! These guys had created huge muscular bodies. I wanted to do the same. So, I had my first set of weights and a bench press when I was in eighth grade and since then I never stopped.

I once tried to calculate all of the collective time that I had spent in the gym and it worked out to be about 6 years!
After about 10 years of serious training with weights I took a certification course for personal training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Whoa, was that an eye opener! I realized that I had been training incorrectly for years, performing exercises for a certain muscle that really had nothing to do with that muscle. In addition I was exercising in ways that could actually be harmful to my body.
At the end of the certification program, the instructors continued to refer to this great tool that you could use with your clients. Yep, you guessed it, the tool was exercise bands. After using the bands for a while it became very clear that they had great potential.
So, I began to play around with some designs that would take the positive properties of exercise bands to the next level. In 1998 after 1.5 years of development, the Bodylastics Exercise Bands System was born.
It is my mission to promote exercise all over the United States. Exercise saved my life so many times when I was younger and even today. When you exercise it is YOU taking care of YOU. How often do you do that? If you are not getting the emotional or attention needs from your home or work, you can certainly get it when you exercise because YOU are providing it. Self reliance is very powerful!
Have I walked the walk? Judge for yourself:


Thanks for visiting,
Blake Kassel - President and Founder Bodylastics International Inc.

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