All exercise bands are the same, right? Not true! Since 1998 we have made little adjustments to our bands which make a HUGE difference.

Boca Raton, Florida May 22th, 2012 I am Blake Kassel and I am the inventor of Bodylastics Exercise Bands Super Systems. Our unique  bands workout sets are a complete fitness center membership in a compact package, for less than the cost of one month at most better equipped clubs. Elastic bands also known as resistance bands are not just for aerobics classes anymore! Believe it or not, our groundbreaking design is so effective that we are more often compared to the best home gyms rather than other bands. If you are looking to tone up, add strength, add muscle or just feel better, our improved elastic bands systems are the answer. All the best!  

All Bands Are NOT equal!

Since we began selling the Bodylastics system in 1998 there have been numerous knock-offs and copycat products. That number has exploded in just the last few years. Although these systems look similar to Bodylastics from pictures, they are a far cry from the real thing. What makes Bodylastics so great? Here is a quick list: 1. D.G.S. Our Patented Failsafe anti-snap design - One of the greatest concerns of people looking to start using elastic bands for exercise, is the potential for the band to snap. Although we continually upgraded our elastic band design, we still had an occasional snap by a customer. The reason for the snaps was simple. Users unknowlingly overstretched their bands, thus creating small tears in the band. So, in 2008 we went back to the drawing board and invented D.G.S., a failsafe system that prevents the user from over-stretching the bands. How does it work? D.G.S. incorporates a super stong cord that will prevent the band from being stretched beyond 4 times its length (the point where the band can be damaged). Since Bodylastics introduced this technology in Early 2011, we have reduced snaps by 99.9%. YOU DON'T WANT YOUR BANDS TO SNAP - WE DON'T WANT YOUR BANDS TO SNAP - workout with confidence, Bodylastics!   2. Best in Class components - As we stated our exercise bands systems are complete gyms. They are not toys or mere exercise tools. Therefore, all of our components need to be heavy duty  and ultra durable. You will be pleasantly suprised when you open your Bodylastics packge for the first time. Our customers expect incredible quality and we aim to deliver. In addition to heavy guage O-rings, nylon webbing and plastic cores for the handles and door anchors, all of our bands are made using the continuois dip method. This method adds layer after layer of the highest quality latex to every band to increase its size and resistance. More layers means more durability.

3. Quick Clip System - While you are looking for exercise bands to work your muscles please keep this in mind: if you cannot create enough resistance (tension) for all of your muscle groups, you will be wasting your valuable time. That's why many years ago we made a major improvement to the industry standard exercise bands. We invented the quick clip system. By attaching clips on the ends of the elastics we made them interchangeable and stackable to effectively work every muscle group. Our bands systems come with up to 12 bands. Each band is a different thickness which ends up creating a different level of tension. When you want to perform an exercise you simply clip the elastics on to the ankle straps or handles. Since every elastic has the clip, you can use them individually or combined to create many different levels of tension.  

Need more of a visual of how the clip system works? Check out the clip system demonstration video below:


We love the fact that our customers are never shy about giving us feedback. Take a look at some of our testimonials below:


Bodylastics testimonialDan, a personal trainer, cancelled his orders for super expensive gym equipment after using Bodylastics  

Here's what Dan had to say about Bodylastics:

Hi, Your product is the BEST. That speaks for itself. I hope you are being successful at this and good stuff is happening for you. It's a great product and deserves it's place in the market. I have never found the bands "limiting" in any way. There is more you can with the bands than a $100,000 HAMMER machine. A week before I bought the bands I had literally cleared out space in my gym, for my new $2000 back machine. I purchased the Bodylastics bands and changed my mind about the back machine. I did not NEED the new back machine! nor the curl machine I was looking at as well! Saved me $$$$.  The bottom line is they work in a way...weights and machines can't! It seems the old school guys like me, are the hardest to convince. But I am breaking them down. All they have to do is give it an honest effort (one workout) and the proof of the value of band training is evident. Have a great day. Dan Burke

(Individual results may vary from those shown.)


Miranda used Bodylastics instead of weights to complete her training for Bodybuilding competition and piled up the trophys!


Here's what Miranda had to say about Bodylastics:

Hi Blake, I just HAVE to let you know how fantastic I think Bodylastics is. As you know, I was a little stuck for a gym for 4 weeks when my sisters wedding forced an overseas holiday right before my first bodybuilding competition! In those 4 weeks I saw ONE gym! The rest of my training was with your fantastic product! They were extremely quick and easy to use and gave me PLENTY of resistance. The easy to follow manual was great and I could also make up my own exercises. Congratulations on your superb product. Two weeks after I returned I entered and won my very first bodybuilding competition on the 25th of September! I got 1st Place (ANB 2005 NSW Championships Figure - Novice - Open); 1st Place (NABBA/WWF Australian Championships Miss Athletic Novice Class 1); 2nd Place (ANB 2005 Australian Championships Miss Figure Tall Class)! Considering I didn't set foot in a gym while I was away, using only your Bodylastics system, I am not only extremely happy to endorse your product wiuth a grateful testimonial but would also like to assist you with marketing your product in Australia Miranda Ferris

(Individual results may vary from those shown.)


Exercises, Exercises, Exercises!

You made it to this site because you are looking to start exercising with exercise bands. Well, what is the #1 feature that an exercise product like bands should provide? Exercises! This is where our super system really shines. You can do over 140 of the top gym exercises - almost anywhere. We're not talking about exercises that are almost like the ones at the gym, we are talking about the same exact exercises. The exercises below are just a small sample of the exercises that you will be able to perform. Click here to go to the main exercises page
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If we just sent you home with some instruction on how to do exercises you would get some benefit. You could watch them but then what? What programs would you do? Would you stick with them? If you are going to spend the money to buy a top notch piece of exercise equipment we believe that you should get the benefit from it. That's why our exercise band systems comes with free access to the largest library of exercise workouts programs available anywhere! In 2009 we launched This amazing site features live and on demand workout shows that use - you guessed it, our elastic bands. You simply go to the site start a workout show and follow along. It's THAT simple and it really works. How many shows will you be able to access? Over 1600 and the number keeps growing every day. Our goal is to almost insure your sucess with our product. The addition of brings us one step closer.

Use our exercise bands and to makeover your body however you choose:

exercise bands videos

Watch the workout promo videos below from Whether you are looking to add muscle or tighten and tone, you will find a workout tailored JUST FOR YOU.

Want to see more? CLICK HERE to see the entire lineup of bands fitness programs available at

Muscle Building with Exercise Bands? YES!

  What is secret type of training that many top power lifters and Bodybuilders are incorporating into their routines? You got it - exercise bands training. Not only do they get a more constant level of tension but it is easier on their joints. It really is a simple concept. If you place your muscle under stress over an extended period of time it will have to adapt. The way that it adapts is by becoming bigger and stronger. One of the biggest myths is that you can only add muscle with free weight training. The truth is that if you work your muscle against almost any form of resistance it will be forced to change. Don't forget, your muscles are blind. If you close your eyes and picked up a dumbbell and then stretched an elastic band, do you think that your muscle would no the difference? No, it would only know that it was working against resistance. When I initially looked for an exercise product which would be super effective and smooth as silk, I tried many different sources that generated tension. The one that beat out all the others, without a doubt was exercise bands. Here are the two main reasons:

1. Elastic resistance becomes more difficult at the end of your exercise movement. For example when you begin an exercise like Biceps curl and your arm is straight, the yellow elastic produces 3 lbs of tension. By the end of the movement when your arm is bent and the elastic is stretched, the same elastic is producing 5 lbs of tension. This works the same way that the super duper expensive machines work in the health clubs.

2. Elastic resistance does not generate momentum Elastic exercise bands do NOT produce momentum. Momentum is one of the top causes of injury when you work out with free weights. When a weight keeps moving but the muscles, ligaments and tendons do not that is when a tear occurs.


Tired of barely fitting into your clothes? Use our bands system to burn calories, burn fat and lose weight!

Dropping the pounds is not easy! As you age it becomes even more difficult. Less time..more stress..less energy. What if there were an top notch fat and calorie burning workout that you could follow from anyplace that has internet access, and even better when it fit into YOUR schedule? Well, there is such a workout and it lives at our sister video workout supersite, It's called Bodylastics Toning and all you need to do is turn it on and follow along - that's it! Stick with this workout and watch your body look tighter and thinner week after week.

How do our bands work?

How do our exercise bands work? How can you create over 140 exercises? The answer lies in our well designed and thought out components. Every exercise bands system that we ship comes complete with a heavy duty door anchor attachment. This amazing little device will enable you to safely anchor your bands to almost any door, thus increasing the number of exercises exponentially.

Our Door Anchor:


In 1997 we set out to dramatically improve the design for the exercise bands door anchor. Well, we did just that! Click the "play"button on the video below to see exactly how the door anchor works

Exercise Bands Door Anchor Attachment

Below is a quick video explaining what the door anchor attachment is and how it works:


"Unsure? Go ahead...ask the professionals about this exercise bands system"

Let's face it, it's pretty rare that exercise product manufacturers encourage you to ask the pros about their product. If you need some outside opinions for what we tell you on this site, grab every personal trainer, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist and chiropractor that will look at this system. We are absolutely positive that they will not only tell you that this system is based on sound exercise principles but we would not be surprised if they ask you for the web address!! We actually have many personal trainers, medical professionals, and even health care companies recommending this system to their patients and clients.

Our Groundbreaking Guarantee

We have overloaded you with information about our bands systems and presented just a handful of our customer testimonials. But all of the information in the world means nothing if the company does not stand behind the product and offer a great warranty. We believe this! That's why every set of our exercise bands comes with our 3 point guarantee/warranty. This unrivaled guaranty/warranty makes purchasing our product a TOTALLY RISK FREE transaction.            

Let's wrap this up...

What if there was a set of exercise bands which could outperform all others not to mention the best home gym?

What if you could make your exercise convenient so that it fit into YOUR schedule?

What if you had a virtual fitness coach who could give you exercise instruction and help you with your workout?

What if you could perform a weight training workout just like in the gym but without the joint pain?

What If you could own an affordable home gym that had a warranty for life?

  What would all of that be worth to you? Since we compete with the most top players in fitness: Bowflex, Total Gym, Bally's we could certainly charge hundreds of dollars for this incredible system. But that would go against the reason why I created this system in the first place. My goal from day 1 was to invent and then offer a workout system that would enable EVERYONE to enjoy the benefits that come along with resistance training Begin using this incredible exercise bands set and I am absolutely sure that within 6 weeks (actually between the 3rd and 4th week) you will see visible, positive changes. I believe in my product, I use it myself and I know what it has done for me and thousands of others. Frankly, if you do not see a change in the mirror within 6 weeks, feel stronger or have people ask you what you doing...I don't want your money. I would WANT you to ask for a refund! My goal is to get these exercise bands in your hands so that you can perform just 1 workout. I know that you will be blown away just like everyone else So go ahead, secure your Exercise Bands super System today...

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